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Effective car security is layered. One of the best things you can do is physically prevent a thief from getting inside.

Look around at all the Hondas/Acuras with pry marks around the door handle. The silent crook is the worst kind. They've learned from their previous two strikes that driving around at night with a smashed window is a red flag for the cops. If they can't get in quickly and quietly, they'll move on to another target.

"What if I lock my keys in the car?" Roadside Assistants carry a device that is inserted in the door frame, pumped up to make a gap, and then a long reaching tool is used to grab the door lock at the inside door handle. This is not something a thief can carry around or use w/out being noticed. And in my experience, this is a difficult and time consuming method of unlocking a door on an EG. You could also call a locksmith and have a key made on the spot. Basically this device doesn't affect the outcome. My advice is to make copies of your keys and give them to your spouse, best friend, and sibling. This is something you should do regardless.

Installation: Easy. 30-45 minutes

Removing Door Panel

Remove the center plastic screw and then pop out the base. Many times the center screw just spins endlessly so you may have to put pressure on it while unscrewing using a pick.

Pull the door handle trim towards the rear of the vehicle and then rotate it out.

There are special window crank removal tools but I just use a pick. Look for the metal loop inside and pull it out. Then the handle will slide right off.

You have to be extremely careful not to break the brittle plastic underneath. Flex the panel out slightly and look for the pops. You want to pry right at the pops.

If any pops stay in the door, you have to remove them and put them back in the panel.

Installing Jimmi Jammer

This would have been a little easier if I did it before I installed the actuators.

Stick a flat blade screwdriver in the gap in the c-clip and rotate it. Then use a magnet reaching tool as you remove it so you don't drop it. Now you can pop the pawl off the key cylinder.

Remove the two 10mm bolts but don't remove the handle.

Hang the plate around the key cylinder and pull the pawl and lock rod out from behind it.

Install the oem 10mm bolt in this location.

Put the c-clip in place and then push it in with the screwdriver.

Use the supplied bolt, washer, and lock washer in the other position. Test the key cylinder. Repeat for the other side. That's it! They should make something similar for the hood latch.

Another thing I like to do while I'm at it is spray WD40 inside the key cylinder and on the backside of the handle between any metallic moving parts. You should also coat the insides of the window tracks with silicone grease.


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Pajama jammy jam!

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Jimmi Jammer - A common method of break-in is prying under the door handle in order to move the lock rod, thereby giving access to a jacker. The Jimmi Jammer blocks the lock rod from this intrusion, and it makes slim-jimming notably difficult as well!

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