Remote Controlled Sunroof

The purpose of wiring the sunroof to the alarm is to allow you to open and close it remotely. Venting a hot car before getting in or during remote start is very effective at reducing the interior temperature. It is also possible to have the alarm close the sunroof automatically when you arm it. Hooking up the sunroof is just another way to extend the functionality of your alarm.

Limit Switch

All Hondas/Acuras have limit switches on the door windows but only some have them on the sunroof. A limit switch kills power to the electric motor when the window or sunroof is fully opened or closed. According to the Helms, the 94+ Integra has them on the sedan only. To determine whether or not your sunroof has a limit switch, continue holding the switch after the window has reached the fully open or closed position. If the motor continues to run (you will hear it groaning), your car lacks a limit switch.

The implications of lacking a limit switch is that you don't want to connect the sunroof to the alarm in such a way that the sunroof motor will continue to run the entire time your alarm is armed. You can only connect it to a validity output and you can't have the alarm close it automatically. With a limit switch you are free to use the alarm's ground-when-armed output.

"What about a timed output?"

I don't consider connecting the sunroof to a timed output as a viable solution. You will have the annoyance, battery drain, and increased wear of having the sunroof motor run for a set amount of time every time you arm your alarm. You will not succeed in life. Women will not procreate with you.

"What is a validity output?"

A validity output is one that supplies ground during the time that you are holding down the auxilliary button the remote.

Should I buy the sunroof module aka DEI 529T?

The DEI 529T purports to have built-in circuitry to detect when the sunroof has reached its maximum position. It could then shut down automatically on cars lacking a limit switch. It doesn't work. The module I got through Amazon could be defective or it could be the heavy load required to close a window or sunroof on a 90's Hondas/Acura. There isn't a sensitivity adjustment like on the 530T, but even that in my experience is of little use. The instructions are written poorly and will never be revised. DEI does not provide tech support to individuals. For these reasons I recommend you NOT waste your money on a 529T. In this DIY I will show you how to hook up your sunroof both with and without a DEI 529T.

What Type of Sunroof Switch Does Your Car Have

The 3rd generation Integra sunroof switch is the rest-at-ground type, and I suspect this is true of all 90's and earlier Hondas and Acuras. I am told the RSX is rest-at-positive. Rest-at-ground means that when you push the switch one way, power is supplied in that direction and returns through the opposite side of the switch which is grounded. Pushing it in the opposite direction does the opposite. The direction that electricity flows throught he motor controls the direction of travel. You can guess what rest-at-positive means.

Verify All Wires

Connect your multimeter ground probe to chassis ground (the door jamb pin is handy), turn the meter to 20V DC, turn the key in the engine to the ignition position. Put the positive probe to the wires coming out the back of the harness of your still-connected switch until you can make contact with the uninsulated connector pins. Verify the positive wires from whatever source of info you are using. One of the wires coming from the sunroof relay should show battery voltage with the key on and drop to 0 when you pull the key out.

On a rest-at-ground switch, two of the wires to the motor will show battery voltage when you hold the switch down in their particular direction.

Now test the grounds. One of the wires coming from the sunroof relay will be chassis ground. On a rest-at-positive switch, the two wires going to the motor will show continuity when you push the switch in that particular direction.


Remove the screws and drop the lower dash panel. Don't forget the screw behind the ashtray. Remove the 10mm bolts holding the knee bolster. Remove the sunroof button. There is a hidden screw behind the button that holds down the vent. Try not to pull the face off the button, but remove the whole thing as a unit. Finally unclip the wire harness and pull it out so you can work on it.


If you are also installing a 530T window module, it makes sense to mount them both at the same time. You can fabricate a mount like mine using sheet metal or abs. Make sure it clears the arm on the throttle pedal. There is a spot high up in the dash where there are two 10mm nuts welded to the dash support. Leave the zip ties on the modules loose until you get bolts in the bracket secured as it can be quite tough to get to them.


DEI 529T Sunroof Module
529T Wire Color Sunroof Switch Other
Blue Green / Yellow (Motor side)
Gray * Optional
Brown Green / Yellow (Switch side)
Orange Orange on Alarm
Black Black
Gray / Black ** Optional
Red Constant 12V
Orange / Black *** Optional
Green Green / Red (Motor side)
White Green / Red (Switch side)

When the instructions say "switch side" or "motor side", that means you will be cutting the car's wire in two. The side leading into the car's switch is now the switch side, and the other half is going to the sunroof motor.

The wires marked optional are not required if you are satisfied letting the alarm close the sunroof automatically (on cars with a limit switch). If you would like the ability to open and close the sunroof by remote, you can hook up one or more of the optional wires.

* The Gray wire will close the sunroof completely when it receives a negative pulse. (only for cars with a limit switch)

** The Gray / Black wire will open the sunroof for as long as it sees a negative. Connect this to your alarm's timed or validity output. A validity output will operate for as long as you hold down the transmitter button.

*** The Orange / Black will open the sunroof completely when it receives a negative pulse. (only for cars with a limit switch)

When used on a sunroof, only the diagram at the bottom under Type A in the included instructions makes sense. The diagrams under Operation Mode are for using the 529T to roll two windows in one direction and this doesn't apply for use on a sunroof. There is no explanation on how to wire the trigger wires for use on a sunroof but I have provided that here. In other words, ignore the included instructions and follow mine.

Keep all your wiring inline with the factory wiring. Connect to a switch side wire as you normally would, but the motor side wires should be connected as shown in the picture.

sunroof switch wiring sunroof switch wiring

You can connect the constant 12v to the under dash option output.

Once your sunroof wiring has been cut, you'll need to connect the power and ground and plug in the module for the factory switch to function. It isn't necessary to connect the Orange, Orange / Black, Gray, or Gray / Black wires for the factory switch to work. These can be left unconnected until you install the alarm. If you ever need to remove the module, you can jumper the Blue to the Brown, and the Green to the White at the module harness.