Steering Rack Guide Adjustment

The manual and power steering racks of 92-95 Civics and 90-01 Integras (and possibly EFs and EKs) have a rack guide screw that needs to be adjusted periodically. All of our cars need this adjustment because it almost certainly hasn't been done since the warranty expired. Performing this adjustment takes the slop out of our steering racks.

The locknut is a 40mm at an odd angle with a narrow gap between the rack and the front crossmember. The only way to get to it is with a special locknut wrench made by Honda. Part number is 07AAA-TL2A100 or 07916-SA50001 and it runs about $20. It's a special order.

All you need besides a jack and jackstands is the locknut wrench and a 14mm wrench. Neither the locknut or the 14mm bolt are particularly tight. No torque wrench is needed since you can't get one in there anyway.

Put the front of the car on jackstands and straighten the steering wheel. Loosen the locknut and hold it while you break loose the 14mm. Then tighten the 14mm until you feel it seat inside the rack (get tight).

Back off the 14mm and then tighten it with one finger. The spec is 3 ft.lbs - 20 degrees which is like nothing. Then tighten the locknut. The spec is 18 ft/lbs which isn't a lot. Test the steering by rolling the wheel all the way in each direction, give it a test drive, and that's it.