Mission Statement

Cause for Alarm is a do-it-yourself car security site focused on Hondas / Acuras and DEI brand security products. More than a simple car alarm install how-to, the goal is to implement a comprehensive security setup impossible for any thief to bypass under real-world conditions. I refer to this strategy of concealing and fool-proofing the security system as a stealth install.

The components that make up a stealth install include the following: a quality alarm installed and fully concealed in an unusual location, a battery backup, an array of sensors beyond the default shock sensor, a second siren, and an independent kill switch. The alarm's primary start-kill function remains on the starter circuit as a diversion, while a supplemental start-kill is applied to the main relay which is relocated deep within the dash making the alarm's security much harder to diagnose and bypass.

Get the Most From This Site

Though the installs are labeled by application, a lot of the information is not vehicle specific. No single install contains every type of sensor. Some cars have power locks while others are manual. A different application may have a quarter panel install, while the install for your application has a dash install and remote start. To get the most from this site, you should at least scan over the other pages.

The Future of Cause For Alarm

The previous version of Cause for Alarm went down because it depended on donations to pay for hosting. I am happy to provide free information, but I am not going to pay for the privilege to do so. Admins at a certain forum I used to frequent refused to allow me to solicit donations.

When the hosting at thecarthing.com expired, I thought that I would put the site to rest. Instead I began to receive requests to bring it back. The tipping point came when the members of Civic-EG.com began to raise a ruckus and the creator of that site offered to donate hosting. I would like to thank everyone that expressed an interest in reviving Cause for Alarm thereby validating the many hours I've put into it.

Please Donate for Hosting

Please extend your gratitude to teal_dx of Civic-EG.com for donating hosting for this site. Consider donating $12 or more to ensure that Cause for Alarm and the forums at Civic-EG remain open. You can do so by clicking on the donate button on his site. Thank you.

About the Author

The screen name "suspendedHatch" has nothing to do with a driver's license. It began as an email address I made up referring to a trap door like you'd find on a tree house. It's a coincidence that it carried over well when I gained an interest in modifying cars; in particular hatchbacks with modified suspension.

I have an (expired) advanced MECP - Mobile Electronics Certified Professional - with several years professional experience and many years of personal experience designing car security set ups on Hondas, Acuras, and other imports. I have an (expired) Safety and Emissions Certification, a Bachelors in Sociology and an Associates in Graphic Design.

I have no interest in gaining notoriety for my screen name and I do not seek to profit from this website.

I Don't Take Installs

I'm sorry but I don't install alarms for the general public.

Bookmarking / Linking

Please bookmark or link to http://civic-eg.com/causeforalarm and not what appears in your address bar. Currently the domain redirects you to /version8 but in the future it may redirect you to version9 or greater.

Please spread the word about this site. I am completely dependant on my audience to get the word out, since when I have tried to promote it, forum admins have reacted negatively. There is no revenue generated from Cause For Alarm - only hosting and bandwidth expenses.

Personal Consultation

Please try to avoid contacting me with questions. I have done my best to lay out everything I know on these pages. I am grateful to be notified of errors but I simply can't devote time to free consultations and technical support.

5th Gen Hatch Theme

My first Honda was a 93 Civic DX hatchback that I used to deliver pizza. It had power steering and an automatic transmission that made it ideal for that purpose. When the mileage climbed over 230k, I decided to swap in an OBD1 SOHC ZC VTEC (D16Z6 equivalent). After changing careers, the long-geared auto became more of a performance and economy hinderance than a convenience. For these reasons I decided to sell the car and start over with a manual transmission VX.

Unmodified hatchbacks are hard to find. I took a train 800 miles to buy a stock VX and drive it home. I then began a project of increasing engine output and fuel economy while leaving the exterior visibly stock to avoid the attention of ricers, police, and haters. Selling the DX proved difficult with the modifications on it so I swapped them over and sold the DX with the VXs OEM parts.

Eventually I swapped the VXs D15Z1 for a D15Z7 3-Stage VTEC engine and a JDM LSD transmission. I installed an AEM EMS that I had from a previous project and then converted the ignition to coil-on-plug using Honda CBR coils and an AEM Twin Fire. The unmodified engine was dyno-tuned to 119whp and averaged 36mpg city and 41mpg highway.

After the first gen EMS failed, I put a stock P28 in its place. I wired the first stage VTEC solenoid to ignition power and it ran reasonably well. No longer able to tune the car, I lost interest and sold it so that I could purchase a 1997 Acura Integra GSR.

In late 2013 I purchased another VX. Shortly after that I picked up an 88 CRX Si. This represents my tenth Honda in twelve years, with no end to the obsession in sight.